Enjoying God’s Company and Praying to Him: Seventeenth Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

If He takes you away from people, then know that He is opening to you the doors of His Company. And if He allows you to ask, then know that He wants to give you something.

Life of the Prophet: The Message for Present Muslims

Going through the prophet’s life there are timeless lessons every Muslim can extract and implement in modern-day life and quests. Learn about them here…

Is There Any Qur’anic Evidence the Hadith is a Valid Part of Islam?

If Allah had intended for us to follow the Hadith, he would have included them in the Qur’an. Since I’m pretty sure He didn’t forget to do so, is there any Qur’anic…

Thanking God for His Blessings: The Fifteenth Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

One of the universal laws of God which govern the issue of providence with all its kinds is that if we thank God, He will multiply the blessings or replace them with something better.

Keeping up with Mentioning God: The Thirteenth Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

We are still passing though the stage of cleaning up in our journey to God. It’s about a serious flaw of the soul which is that of forgetting mentioning God…

Perfecting the Beginnings: The Ninth Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

If you master the beginning of any work, there is a guarantee that you get the desired end of that work in the end.

Patience with Tests: The Eighth Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

Accepting this nature of worldly life helps the servant acquire a basic virtue and cross a very important stop in his journey to God which is that of patience with tests.

Seizing Time: The Seventh Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

“Postponing good deeds until you have free time is an indication of an immature soul.” What does this mean? How can we make best use of time?

Building up Goodness: Lessons from the Prophet

You can change your life and others’ as well. Learn how the Prophet built up a new Islamic society; ridding it from its Jahiliyyah ills and instilling lasting positive changes…

The Prophet’s Life and Mission As the Qur’an Depicts Them

The Qur’an depicts a clear picture of the Prophet’s message and mission, his place in Islam, and his coveted position in the sight of Allah. So, what does the Qur’an say about that?