Islam & Legal Rights of Women

Do you know that during his lifetime, Prophet Muhammad took counsel with and encouraged over 600 female scholars, warriors, nurses, businesswomen, teachers and students?

Prophet Muhammad: The Emancipator of Women’s Rights

Because the Prophet’s intervention women were treated as equals, given rights. Learn how the Prophet’s significant contribution to women’s rights inspired Shaista Aziz, a writer and journalist,…

If This Is Islam, I Want to Be Muslim- This Is How I Found Islam

How did this new Muslim sister find her way to Islam? When was the beginning?
What happened with her when she visited a Palestinian family?

I Have Found True Life and Absolute Peace: My Journey to Islam

Sami is an American living in Saudi Arabia. He came to Saudi Arabia in 2011 for work. When he came he knew nothing about Islam or the Prophet (peace be upon him) but the negative image the media was spreading.

British Police Officer: Islam Is the Defining Point in My Life

Daniel wasn’t thinking of becoming Muslim. How Did this British police officer find Islam? How did he learn about the true religion? And what did he find?

Calmness and Other Priceless Things: An American Student’s Journey to Islam

Why did this American student choose Islam? What were the mission ingredients in her life and what did she find in Islam? What changes did Islam bring to her life? How does she live up to it?

Islam: The Way to Find True Freedom

By following Islam you are truly free. How come? Doesn’t the faith impose various obligations, responsibilities? What freedom then does Islam give?

Finding God: Why More and More Scots are Turning to Islam

The number of Scots- particularly young women- converting to Islam is rising significantly. Why? How do these brothers and sisters see the transition? What did they find in Islam?

Women before and after Islam

Did you know not that in the Christian France in 586 AD a conference was held to discuss whether a woman is a human with a soul or not? How was woman looked upon and considered before the advent of Islam? And what did Islam come to give her?

How Did Czech Miss World, Marketa Korinkova, Convert to Islam?

Having an unidentified burden on her heart cleared, finally, former Beauty Queen of Czech, Marketa Korinkova, has converted to Islam.