Islam & Legal Rights of Women

Do you know that during his lifetime, Prophet Muhammad took counsel with and encouraged over 600 female scholars, warriors, nurses, businesswomen, teachers and students?

Prophet Muhammad: The Emancipator of Women’s Rights

Because the Prophet’s intervention women were treated as equals, given rights. Learn how the Prophet’s significant contribution to women’s rights inspired Shaista Aziz, a writer and journalist,…

Calmness and Other Priceless Things: An American Student’s Journey to Islam

Why did this American student choose Islam? What were the mission ingredients in her life and what did she find in Islam? What changes did Islam bring to her life? How does she live up to it?

8 Tips to Stay Connected to the Qur’an After Ramadan

Do you feel as your life lacks something after Ramadan? What is the real cause of this feeling? What blessing are you missing out? Do you still read the Qur’an?

New Muslims Filling Post-Ramadan Emptiness

Should we wait till next Ramadan to be better Muslims and become spiritually elevated? What should we work on next? How do we gain God’s pleasure and blessings after such a rich spiritual experience?

Instagramadan 10: Know How Much He Loved You

Do you know how much the Prophet loved you? Do we do our best to love him in return? This month, let’s work on learning and loving the man who loved us so much

Instagramadan 1: Finding the Love That We Need

Our hearts have finite capacity, so how could we empty them out of love of other things to fill them with another love? And what is this love?

Women before and after Islam

Did you know not that in the Christian France in 586 AD a conference was held to discuss whether a woman is a human with a soul or not? How was woman looked upon and considered before the advent of Islam? And what did Islam come to give her?

My Journey to Islam: A Worthy Struggle with the Hijab

My Mom ’d told me my whole life to be open-minded and to accept everybody, though it was so hard for her to accept this. An American Muslim sister tells of her…