The Social System in Islam: Foundations and Practices

What is social system in Islam based on? What does the Islamic ideological society look like? How does Islam see people’s differences in race, color, language and nationality?

Prophet Yusuf Inviting to Allah: Perfect Manners & Excellent Disposition

Despite the unusual environment in which the Prophet Yusuf lived in, he had to carry out his mission of inviting to the way of Allah with perfect manners and excellent disposition

Does Islam Command Attacking Churches?

Can attacking the places of worship, i.e. churches, be justified in any religious teachings including Islamic? What does Islam say and teach about that? How can a religion be judged correctly?

Bilal Ibn Rabah: A Living Lesson on Human Freedom

The story of Bilal teach us the true meaning of freedom, that blackness of skin and bondage would not decry the greatness of the soul if it found its faith, adhered to its Creator, and clung to its right.

Zayd ibn Harithah: From Slavery to Commandership

The fact that Islam came to abolish corrupt human relationships based on false and superficial discrimination, is embodied in the story of Zayd. Who is Zayd ibn Harythah? How did he become a commander of the Islamic army?

The Two Words I Never Was Fortunate to Say to My Mother…

My mother has been there all my life, never failed me once, never. And never once have I ever come to her and just said these simple words…

Bilal ibn Rabah: A Miracle of Faith & Truthfulness

How did Bilal ibn Rabah, the Abyssinian who once was only a slave, become one of the great and holy men of Islam, even one of Islam’s great miracles?