Islam: The Religion of All Prophets

Allah sent messengers and prophets to take people by the hand and direct them to the path of guidance and truth and to return them to belief His Oneness.

Allah’s Messengers: A Divine Favour for the Believers

Who are Allah’s Messengers? Why are they sent down and what role and functions do they perform? How are they a divine favour for the believers?

Between God & Allah: What Do Muslims Believe?

In Arabic, Allah means literally the One God. But how do different languages give the same thing different names? Where does the word “Allah” come from? What does it mean?

Al-Israa’ and Al-Mi`raj: The Prophet in the Divine Presence

What do you now about Al-Israa’ and Al-Mi`raj journey? What happened to the Prophet during it and where did he go? How can we comprehend it?