Islam: The Greatest Blessing Bestowed upon Mankind

Islam is the greatest blessing that Allah has bestowed upon mankind and the Qur’an is the greatest book that Allah has given to whom He has chosen from amongst His creation

Names and Attributes of God: What Does It Mean to Believe in Them?

لإhere is no greater way to connect your heart with your Lord, to moisten your tongue with His remembrance, praise Him, and ask Him than through utilizing His names and attributes.

Beautiful Names of Allah: Al-Ghaffar (The All-Forgiving)

Allah’s Beautiful Name, Al-Ghaffar, comes in the Qur’an under three forms. What are they? Who is Allah Al-Ghaffar (The All-Forgiving)?

What Does It Mean to Believe in Allah? (Part Two)

As He is One in His Lordship without any partner, He is also One in His servitude. What does it mean to believe in Allah’s servitude? What are the principles of believing in His Names?

Cleaning up before Beautification: The Sixth Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

How can the mirror of the heart shine if the material images are covering it? Before beautifying the heart with lights and virtues, it has to be cleaned up from flaws and shortcomings.

Reflection: The Fifth Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

Reflection is a marvelous form of worship that pushes people in their path to God. It helps people achieve their spiritual goals. Learn what is meant by reflection in Islam…

Beautiful Names of Allah: Al-`Ali (The Highest)

The One Who is above and exceeds all others. The Most High, above whom there is nothing higher. The One Whose rank and station are the Most High. The One ….

Tawakkul: The Third Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

(Save yourself from worrying. Somebody else already took care of your affairs for you.) What is meant by “somebody else”? What is tawakkul?

Repentance and Hope: The First Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

I have an intention to start a spiritual journey to God, but where should I start? What are my necessary supplies and provisions in this journey? How should I look forward to God’s grace after committing sins?

Beautiful Names of Allah: Al-Mu`ti (The Giver)

How is Allah Al-Mu`ti (the Giver)? What does He actually give us? If God is the Giver, why are we afflicted? How can Allah be the Giver and Preventer at the same time?