Why Can’t I Marry A Non-Muslim Man?

Nowadays, there some sister who find it difficult to find a Muslim man to marry. Yet, there are several non-Muslim men who are ready to marry these sisters. Why is it not permissible to marry a non-Muslim man?

Prophet Muhammad: A Gentle Father and a Merciful Human

What type of father was the Prophet? How did he treated his daughters? How were women treated and regarded at the time of the Prophet?

What Does Hijab Mean to Yasmin Mogahed?

What did motivate Yasmin Mogahed to wear the hijab at that age of 13? What change did hijab bring to her life What does hijab mean to her? What challenges have she faced with it?

Prophet Muhammad: The Father of Fatimah

The Prophet and Fatimah were not just a father and a daughter. Their relationship was one of a kind, with utmost love, care, gentleness and respect. What kind of relationship was it and what was it like to work?

Khadijah: The Faithful Wife & Companion

To the Prophet, Khadijah wasn’t just an ordinary wife. Khadijah was a sign from God to manifest His presence and His support to His Prophet. How was their marriage union?