Acts of Worship beyond Qur’an & Sunnah in the Love of Allah

Can we use the love of Allah as a means to worship Him beyond what is in the Qur’an and Sunnah, because our love makes us transcend those two sources?

Prophet’s Physical Features: As If You Were Seeing Him

One feels amazed by the degree of detailing in the description of the Prophet’s physical features. The scholars talked about his external traits in the minutest way.

Muhammad: The First Years of His Message

Let us now approach the first years of his message. Those were years one rarely finds an equal to in the annals of history for the constancy, truth, and eminence.

The Five Pillars of Islam

Learn about the main and central obligations upon which the whole religion of Islam is established- the general duties that regulate a Muslim’s relationship with Allah, Prophet Muhammad and worldly desires

Sa`d Ibn Abi Waqqas: The Lion’s Claws!

Possessing two weapons, his lance and his prayer. Whenever Sa`d pierced an enemy with his lance he hurt him; whenever he invoked Allah He answered. Learn more…

Fruits of Hajj? (2/3)

Affiliation to Islam means to set your beliefs, aims, relationships, transactions, worship and hopes according to Islam, a simple meaning of being a Muslim as Islam means submission to the will of Allah in all walks of life.

Fruits of Hajj (3/3)

In former articles, we touched on a number of the lessons and messages taken from Hajj. We are going to complete this topic in this article.

Fruits of Hajj (1/3)

A Muslim does not leave to Makkah in order to show more glorification to the Ka`bah, the black stone or the grave of the Prophet Muhammad. They have come for one and single aim; to glorify the One and Only God, Allah the Almighty.

`Abdullah ibn `Umar: A Great Man with a Tender Heart (Part 2)

Generosity, asceticism and piety all worked together in complete harmony to shape the most magnificent merits of that great man, Ibn `Umar. Learn more