Muslims: The True Moderate Nation

Why are we (Muslims) called a “moderate” nation? What are the manifestations of the moderation of Islam? Sheikh Yasir Qadhi answers here…

A Blessed Birth of a Noble Prophet

Muhammad’s past, His Educator reminds him, is a school from which he must draw useful, practical, and concrete knowledge and benefit…

Muhammad: The Exemplar of Coexistence and Moderation

Forgiveness, moderation, justice, and mercy are the basics of Islamic ethics which were reflected in the Prophet’s teachings and actions. Find out more.

Prophet Abraham & the Trial of Faith: Doubt & Trust

What trials did Prophet Abraham and his family go through? How did they come out of them? What is the difference between the Qur’anic and biblical accounts of the story?

First Muslim Community in Madinah & the Groundwork for Hijrah

Twelve people from Yathrib pledging allegiance to the Prophet that they would worship only the One God, no others, were to constitute the first Muslim community in Yathrib before hijrah.

Prophet Muhammad: A Morality Message for All Time

Equality of opportunity, mercy, justice, human rights, peaceful coexistence and respect for nature were the essence of the Prophet’s teachings he taught and conveyed again and again…