The Social System in Islam: Foundations and Practices

What is social system in Islam based on? What does the Islamic ideological society look like? How does Islam see people’s differences in race, color, language and nationality?

Muhammad’s Relationship with Nature: Faith throughout the Mission

How did the Prophet’s life in the desert fashioned him and his outlook on creation and the Creator? What did the desert, apparently devoid of life, teach him about life? How does living close to nature impact one’s faith?

What Is the Purpose of Our Creation?

In a world where everything is shown to have a purpose, it is natural for a human being to wonder about the purpose of his own creation.

How Do You Know There Is Life after Death?

Someone might wonder how a rational, practical minded person could believe in life after death.

What Are the Individual and Social Effects of Worship?

Worship is obligatory upon every Muslim who is mentally sane and has reached the age of puberty. What are the individual and social effects of worship?

Worship, Humanity and Individual Liberties

What is the significance of worship? What are its benefits? What does worship mean? Does it compromise individual liberties? Why do we need to worship God?

What Does Hijab Mean to Yasmin Mogahed?

What did motivate Yasmin Mogahed to wear the hijab at that age of 13? What change did hijab bring to her life What does hijab mean to her? What challenges have she faced with it?

First Conversions to Islam: Lessons on Steadfastness

With steadfastness and forbearance, the Prophet had gathered around him a solid core of trustworthy women and men. For a clear-cut distinction between faith in one God and the polytheism of the Quraysh…

My Journey to Islam: A Worthy Struggle with the Hijab

My Mom ’d told me my whole life to be open-minded and to accept everybody, though it was so hard for her to accept this. An American Muslim sister tells of her…

Muhammad: The Exemplar of Coexistence and Moderation

Forgiveness, moderation, justice, and mercy are the basics of Islamic ethics which were reflected in the Prophet’s teachings and actions. Find out more.