Islam: The Greatest Blessing Bestowed upon Mankind

Islam is the greatest blessing that Allah has bestowed upon mankind and the Qur’an is the greatest book that Allah has given to whom He has chosen from amongst His creation

What Does It Mean to Believe in Allah? (Part Two)

As He is One in His Lordship without any partner, He is also One in His servitude. What does it mean to believe in Allah’s servitude? What are the principles of believing in His Names?

What Does It Mean to Believe in Allah? (Part One)

Allah created all of mankind to have belief in Him (their Creator). What is the evidence to that? What does it mean to believe in Allah?

The Five Pillars of Islam: Their Meaning and Priority

What are the Five Pillars of Islam and what is the origin of this expression? Which comes first, and why? Are they all what Islam is about? In other words, do I need anything beside them to be Muslim?

The Conditions of the Shahadah to Be Accepted by God

The Shahadah is the key to the gates of Paradise, but in order for it to work, be accepted by God, it needs to have the right ridges. Learn about them here…

Believers and Best Types of Worship

The status of worship in your heart and your dedication to it shows what a kind of believer you are, your level of commitment to God. Read more…

Worship in Islam: Why Obligatory?

Why is worship obligatory upon Muslims? What does worship teaches us? What are its impacts on individual and society?

The Rights towards God

What duties do we, creatures, owe to God? What are the requirements of being Muslim? What sense do they have to man? What are their benefits?

For Valid Acts of Worship

Why are we obliged to worship God? How do we properly meet such obligation? What guarantees a valid act of worship?