Belief in Allah and His Messenger: The First Pillar of Islam

Islam is a large structure that combines many different aspects of human life and such a structure requires a foundation and pillars that it rests upon.

What is Islam, and How Is It Different from Any Other Religion?

Islam is complete submission to Allah the Exalted through Tawheed (Belief in the Oneness of Allah) and following Him through obedience

Names and Attributes of God: What Does It Mean to Believe in Them?

لإhere is no greater way to connect your heart with your Lord, to moisten your tongue with His remembrance, praise Him, and ask Him than through utilizing His names and attributes.

The True Muslim between Islam and Iman

How iman (faith) is related to Islam? Who is the Muslim, and who is the mu’min? Is there Islam without faith? What makes a Muslim true and staunch?

Between Heart & Limbs: How to Achieve Reality of Faith

How could we be true to our faith and to ourselves? How does Islam combine between the actions of the heart and those of the limbs? On what is Islam based?

All Humans Are Inclined to Be Muslims

How is Islam the religion of human nature? Why are humans inclined naturally to be Muslims? Why are some people guided while others misguided?

You Are a Muslim and Your Prophet Is Muhammad

What do you know about your Prophet and the sublime characteristics combined in his person? How does your knowledge about him complete your belief?

God Has Chosen You to Be Muslim

What has led you to Islam? How did you respond to call of God? How does Islam go in line with your natural disposition? What is unique about Islam and the Qur’an?