Beautiful Names of Allah: Al-Ghaffar (The All-Forgiving)

Allah’s Beautiful Name, Al-Ghaffar, comes in the Qur’an under three forms. What are they? Who is Allah Al-Ghaffar (The All-Forgiving)?

Shirk: Its Meaning and Punishment in Islam?

Committing shirk is the greatest major sin. Why? What is shirk? What does Allah say about it in the Qur’an? What is the punishment for those who commit shirk?

Islam and the Meaning of Deen

To accept only Allah as the Lord of reward and punishment, covet no reward, fear no punishment, except His…. Islam is the name of this deen.

Beautiful Names of Allah: Al-`Ali (The Highest)

The One Who is above and exceeds all others. The Most High, above whom there is nothing higher. The One Whose rank and station are the Most High. The One ….

How to Find Allah in Your Life

Allah tells us to search for Him. Where should we search for Him? What tools and equipment do we need for that search?

How Do We Know the True Religion?

There are many religions in the world, and each one claims to be the one and only true religion. Each religion is supposed to have come from God for the right guidance of man.

Beautiful Names of Allah: Al-Mu`ti (The Giver)

How is Allah Al-Mu`ti (the Giver)? What does He actually give us? If God is the Giver, why are we afflicted? How can Allah be the Giver and Preventer at the same time?

Islam: The Way to Find True Freedom

By following Islam you are truly free. How come? Doesn’t the faith impose various obligations, responsibilities? What freedom then does Islam give?

Beautiful Names of Allah: Al-Mu’min (The Believer)

How is Allah Al-Mu’min (the Believer)? We, Muslims, believe in Allah, His Messenger, the Day of Judgment, but what does Allah (the Great and Almighty) believe in?

Why Is Allah Al-Kareem (The Most Generous)?

When we say Allah Al-Kareem, what is meant by that? In what ways is He the Most generous? Where do we see His generousity?