The Virtues of Hajj And `Umrah

By Editorial Staff Definitions The Hajj, Pilgrimage The Arabic word ‘Hajj’ literally means to repair to, betake oneself or set off for a place. In the technical usage of the term, it means to repair to the Sacred House in Makka and perform the rites of the Pilgrimage. Allah says, “Thus Hajj-Pilgrimage to the (Sacred) […]

Social wisdom in Hajj

Allah Has Created people to be different in their living; some are rich and some poor, some well-off, affluent and high-esteemed, and others indigent, miserable and astray in life. That is great wisdom decreed by Allah so that people would exchange work, cooperate with one another, and use one another to achieve their requirements and needs: the […]

Muhammad’s Birth and the Sacred Covenant

By Editorial Staff The Sacred Covenant Messengers who Allah sent before Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) told their peoples about Muhammad’s Prophethood and mission. Moreover, Allah described him in the Holy Scriptures previous to the Gracious Quran. A covenant was made between Allah and all prophets that if He sent Prophet Muhammad (peace and […]

How to Be Patient?

By Editorial Staff Definition Sabr (patience) is an Arabic word that means in language to restrain. The month of Ramadan is called the month of al-Sabr because it is self-restraint from food, drink and sexual intercourse. In the technical usage of the term, it means to restrain oneself from neglecting Allah’s commands, indulging in prohibitions […]

What Are the Requirements of Sincere Repentance?

By Editorial Staff Definition of Tawbah Tawbah (repentance) is an Arabic word which means in language to return. In the technical usage of the term, it means to return from disobedience of Allah’s commands to His obedience. The greatest and most important kind of repentance is to desist from disbelief and revert to belief in […]

Egypt’s 2019 AFCON: Here Are Teams with Key Muslim Players

Half of the teams come from Muslim countries in different regions of Africa. Here are some facts on some prominent Muslim players

The Intention and Its Relation to Acceptance of Deeds

By Editorial Staff For actions to be accepted and rewarded by Allah there are two crucial prerequisites: (1) Sincerity or having a valid intention (2)  Performing the action properly, namely, performing it according to the way the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did it. This article will mainly discuss the first […]

Ramadan Is Not the End! It’s a New Start!

By Editorial Staff Kinds of people after Ramadan 1. The successful ones The Blessed month of Ramadan during which Muslims have performed many acts of worship is now over. It acts as a witness for or against people. Those who spared no effort to observe as many acts of worship as they could must be […]

Etiquette and Legal Rulings of the `Eid Day

There are certain acts of worship and etiquettes Muslims should observe on those days to express their gratitude to Allah.

Excellence and Rulings of the Last Ten Days of Ramadan

Ramadan is the best of all the months because of the many blessings, favours, mercies, forgiveness and protection from the Hell-fire bestowed upon worshippers during it. One of the best favours ever bestowed upon people is, however, the revelation of the Gracious Quran. The best book, the Gracious Quran, was revealed to the best of […]