EDC Wins 3rd Prize in Al-Aluka Competition on Moderation

EDC won 3rd position in Al-Aluka Competition as one of the remarkable online resources presenting, promoting moderation as an authentic Islamic approach.

Coexistence in Islam: Between Concept & Practice

How does Islam set the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims? Does Islam protect religious freedoms? If yes, why did the Prophet fight non-Muslims? How are Muslim ordered to treat non-Muslims?

Islam and the True Meaning of Moderation

How can somebody be too religious, and, more precisely, too Islamic? How does Islam define moderation against extremism? What is the solution to tackle fanaticism? Sheikh Yasir Qadhi defines the true meaning of moderation extremism in Islam and how to avoid extremism and its traps…

Muslims: The True Moderate Nation

Why are we (Muslims) called a “moderate” nation? What are the manifestations of the moderation of Islam? Sheikh Yasir Qadhi answers here…