Muhammad’s Relationship with Nature: Faith throughout the Mission

How did the Prophet’s life in the desert fashioned him and his outlook on creation and the Creator? What did the desert, apparently devoid of life, teach him about life? How does living close to nature impact one’s faith?

First Conversions to Islam: Lessons on Steadfastness

With steadfastness and forbearance, the Prophet had gathered around him a solid core of trustworthy women and men. For a clear-cut distinction between faith in one God and the polytheism of the Quraysh…

How Islam Defines Terrorism

Is there ‘anything’ in Islam that encourages acts of violence and terrorism? Why are many criminal acts are put in Islam’s account? Does God call us to hate, attack? How do you define terrorist attacks by Muslims?

EDC Wins 3rd Prize in Al-Aluka Competition on Moderation

EDC won 3rd position in Al-Aluka Competition as one of the remarkable online resources presenting, promoting moderation as an authentic Islamic approach.

Islam and the True Meaning of Moderation

How can somebody be too religious, and, more precisely, too Islamic? How does Islam define moderation against extremism? What is the solution to tackle fanaticism? Sheikh Yasir Qadhi defines the true meaning of moderation extremism in Islam and how to avoid extremism and its traps…

Muslims: The True Moderate Nation

Why are we (Muslims) called a “moderate” nation? What are the manifestations of the moderation of Islam? Sheikh Yasir Qadhi answers here…

Muhammad: The Exemplar of Coexistence and Moderation

Forgiveness, moderation, justice, and mercy are the basics of Islamic ethics which were reflected in the Prophet’s teachings and actions. Find out more.

First Muslim Community in Madinah & the Groundwork for Hijrah

Twelve people from Yathrib pledging allegiance to the Prophet that they would worship only the One God, no others, were to constitute the first Muslim community in Yathrib before hijrah.

Prophet Muhammad: A Morality Message for All Time

Equality of opportunity, mercy, justice, human rights, peaceful coexistence and respect for nature were the essence of the Prophet’s teachings he taught and conveyed again and again…