Fruits of Hajj? (2/3)

Affiliation to Islam means to set your beliefs, aims, relationships, transactions, worship and hopes according to Islam, a simple meaning of being a Muslim as Islam means submission to the will of Allah in all walks of life.

Fruits of Hajj (3/3)

In former articles, we touched on a number of the lessons and messages taken from Hajj. We are going to complete this topic in this article.

Fruits of Hajj (1/3)

A Muslim does not leave to Makkah in order to show more glorification to the Ka`bah, the black stone or the grave of the Prophet Muhammad. They have come for one and single aim; to glorify the One and Only God, Allah the Almighty.

For an Accepted Hajj and Lasting Blessings

Back from Hajj? What should and shouldn’t you do? How do you develop the goodness Hajj instilled in you? How do you maintain God’s blessings granted to you?

Guideposts on the Hajj Route

Far outstripping those by tourists, the hajj journey goes to the heart of the values of worship, to the spiritual and sentimental impressions mingled with the blessing of God. Learn how…

A Brief Guide to Hajj (EDC Video)

Every Muslim intending to undertake this journey should first learn well its rituals and how to perform them correctly.
The E-Da`wah Committee presents this …

After Hajj: A Blessed Life and Embodied Lessons

How does Hajj actually benefit those who perform it? How long does its impact last? How might we act, think or do differently after the soul-searching journey?