The Adhan: Its Virtues and History

The adhan, although it has very few words, covers all essentials of the faith. How is that? What does it indicate, and how was it legislated?

Calmness and Other Priceless Things: An American Student’s Journey to Islam

Why did this American student choose Islam? What were the mission ingredients in her life and what did she find in Islam? What changes did Islam bring to her life? How does she live up to it?

Does Islam Command Attacking Churches?

Can attacking the places of worship, i.e. churches, be justified in any religious teachings including Islamic? What does Islam say and teach about that? How can a religion be judged correctly?

Bilal Ibn Rabah: A Living Lesson on Human Freedom

The story of Bilal teach us the true meaning of freedom, that blackness of skin and bondage would not decry the greatness of the soul if it found its faith, adhered to its Creator, and clung to its right.

Bilal ibn Rabah: A Miracle of Faith & Truthfulness

How did Bilal ibn Rabah, the Abyssinian who once was only a slave, become one of the great and holy men of Islam, even one of Islam’s great miracles?