What Are the Requirements of Sincere Repentance?

By Editorial Staff Definition of Tawbah Tawbah (repentance) is an Arabic word which means in language to return. In the technical usage of the term, it means to return from disobedience of Allah’s commands to His obedience. The greatest and most important kind of repentance is to desist from disbelief and revert to belief in […]

The Intention and Its Relation to Acceptance of Deeds

By Editorial Staff For actions to be accepted and rewarded by Allah there are two crucial prerequisites: (1) Sincerity or having a valid intention (2)  Performing the action properly, namely, performing it according to the way the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did it. This article will mainly discuss the first […]

Excellence and Rulings of the Last Ten Days of Ramadan

Ramadan is the best of all the months because of the many blessings, favours, mercies, forgiveness and protection from the Hell-fire bestowed upon worshippers during it. One of the best favours ever bestowed upon people is, however, the revelation of the Gracious Quran. The best book, the Gracious Quran, was revealed to the best of […]

Legal Excuses for Breaking the Fast

Illnesses are temporary or chronic. Temporary illnesses may cause a person to break their fast. In this case, they must make up the missed days after they recuperate. As for chronic illnesses, there will be no chance to make up the missed days. This raises the following questions: What is the legal ruling regarding an […]

The Fiqh of Fasting: Prohibited Fasts – Part 5

The true meaning of worship is achieved through the true submission and obedience to Allah’s commands. This is very obvious here, but how?؟ When it is obligatory to fast, Muslims hasten to obey Allah through observing it. Also, when it is forbidden to fast, they do not. This article highlights those days on which fasting […]

The Fiqh of Fasting: Recommended Acts – Part 4

Although there are many recommended acts concerning fasting, we will discuss here those ones related to fiqh of fasting. Read..

The Fiqh of Fasting: Things That Invalidate Fasting – Part 3

The things that invalidate Fasting Fasting becomes invalid if any of the following occurs. However, there are actions that break the fast unanimously and there are other cases on which there is a difference of opinions regarding them. Here is the discussion of that! 1. Anything that reaches the stomach intentionally If a person swallows […]

The Fiqh of Fasting: Definition and Prerequisites – Part 1

What is Fasting in Ramadan? How should one fasts Ramadan? What are the most important requisites for the validity of fasting in Ramadan? Read ..

The Best 10 Virtues of Fasting in Islam: What Are They?

After few days, Muslims all over the world will be witnessing the blessed month of Ramadan, the 9th month of the lunar calendar.  In some Islamic countries, people celebrate this month of fasting through decorating streets and houses with lanterns and ribbons. May the new moon of the month of Ramadan be bringing guidance and […]