The Two Supererogatory Rak’ahs of the Dawn Prayer

Observing the two supererogatory rak’ahs of the dawn prayer is highly recommended. The Prophet (PBUH) never missed them even when he travelled.

Intercessions Made in The Hereafter – Part 3

There are defferent kinds of intercessions Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will make on the Day of Resurrection on behalf of his followers.

The Greatest Intercession – Part 2

The Great Intercession is so great that it alleviates the anguish, afflictions and sufferings of all people on the Day of Resurrection.

The Miracle of the Coccyx and Resurrection

This article discusses the issue of resurrection in Islam and provides irrefutable proofs from the Quran, the Sunnah and modern science.

The Prohibited Acts of Ihram for Hajj or Umrah

The state of Ihram has some regulations that must be obeyed by the pilgrim such as the Ihram clothing, perfumes, marital relations, hunting, etc.

Rites of Tarwiyah and ‘Arafah Days

This article discusses the rites and rituals a pilgrim need to carry out on the first two days of Hajj, namely, the Tarwiyah and ‘Arafat Days.

All about the Ihram’s Locations for Hajj in Islam

By Dr. Salih Al-Fawzan There are certain times for Hajj, and certain locations for entering the state of ihram. First: The Fixed Times of Hajj The times specified for Hajj are mentioned by Allah, Exalted be He, when He says: “Hajj is [during} well-known months, so whoever has made Hajj obligatory upon himself therein [by […]

The Requirements Of The Accepted Hajj

By Editorial Staff On their journey to Makkah, pilgrims hope and pray that their hajj (Pilgrimage to Makkah) will be accepted. They want to be rewarded, gain Paradise and the pleasure of Allah and to be saved from the Hellfire. To achieve this, they need to meet the requirements of Hajj. What are the requirements […]