Miracle of Ayat Al-Kursi- The Greatest Verse of The Quran

Nouman Ali Khan provides a new stunning exegesis of Ayat Al-Kursi, the greatest verse of the Quran, highlighting its miraculous structure.

Intercessors on the Day of Resurrection. Who? – Part 5

As well as the Gracious Quran, one’s good and righteous relatives may act as intercessors on one’s behalf on the Day of Resurrection.

The Meaning of Tawheed (The Oneness of Allah)

In this short video, there is an introduction to tawheed, belief in the Oneness of Allah, its meaning and its three categories.

The Forenoon Prayer (Salat Al-Duha)

The Duha Prayer is recommended to be observed as an act of thankfulness to Allah for health and wellness. It also brings about Allah’s protection.

Prostration of Recitation (Sujud At-Tilawah)

There are 15 verses of the Gracious Quran the Prophet (PBUH) prostrated upon reciting. Muslims are recommended to do the same during and outside the prayer.

The Supererogatory Prayers

The supererogatory prayers may be performed before and/ or after obligatory congregational prayers. They make the person more beloved by Allah…

The Meaning of Shahada in Four Minutes

The first and foremost pillar of islam, the Shahada, is a prerequisite for the other four pillars of Islam and it is the only key to the Paradise.

Intercessors on the Day of Resurrection. Who? – Part 4

On the Day of Resurrection, there will be many intercessors other than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) such as the angels, the prophets and the believers.

The Two Supererogatory Rak’ahs of the Dawn Prayer

Observing the two supererogatory rak’ahs of the dawn prayer is highly recommended. The Prophet (PBUH) never missed them even when he travelled.

Intercessions Made in The Hereafter – Part 3

There are defferent kinds of intercessions Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will make on the Day of Resurrection on behalf of his followers.