Prophet Muhammad: The Perfect Family Man

Islam stresses the importnace of a strong family relationship where every member knows their duties and rights as explained and embodied by Muhammad (PBUH).

The Two Supererogatory Rak’ahs of the Dawn Prayer

Observing the two supererogatory rak’ahs of the dawn prayer is highly recommended. The Prophet (PBUH) never missed them even when he travelled.

Four Reasons Make Us Convert to Islam

Conversion to Islam helps a person lead a happy and meaningful life in which he or she can experience God’s love, emancipate the body and soul, etc.

Intercessions Made in The Hereafter – Part 3

There are defferent kinds of intercessions Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will make on the Day of Resurrection on behalf of his followers.

Suicide and Despair in Islam

How to deal with despair and suicidal thoughts, why one should never despair of the mercy of Allah and how we can support each other to prevent suicide.

Migrating without Moving: Performing Hijrah in Your Daily Life

The article talks about another meaning of hijrah: removing yourself from negative and detrimental non-Muslim influences and surrounding yourself with true submission (Islam) in as many aspects of life as possible.

Dr. Jeffrey Lang Tells His Amazing Story of Conversion to Islam

This is a very amazing story of Dr. Jeffrey Lang in which he tells his experience with the Gracious Quran and how he converted to Islam.

The Greatest Intercession – Part 2

The Great Intercession is so great that it alleviates the anguish, afflictions and sufferings of all people on the Day of Resurrection.