Prophet Muhammad on the Night Journey.. The Qur’an Tells Us

What do you know about the Prophet’s miraculous night journey? What happened on that journey? Who did he meet?

Ghusl on Friday: Recommended?

Why should the Muslim perform ghusl before going to Friday Prayer? Is it obligatory or preferred? What is the proof of that from the Sunnah?

Beyond the Night Journey

Why was the Prophet taken on the Night journey? Was it a spiritual or physical one? What did God want to convey to his Messenger? How was it a trial for the true believers?

Keeping up with Mentioning God: The Thirteenth Stop of Your Spiritual Journey to God

We are still passing though the stage of cleaning up in our journey to God. It’s about a serious flaw of the soul which is that of forgetting mentioning God…

Marriage: Its Status and Benefits in Qur’an and Sunnah (Part 2)

In marriage there is comfort to the soul, there is beauty to look at, there is company, and there is play and joking and relaxation, all of which relieve the heart from its burdens…

Marriage: Its Status and Benefits in Qur’an and Sunnah (Part 1)

“Marriage is my recommended custom. Whoso-ever turns away from my recommended custom is turning away from me.“